GPPE Global Process&Project Engineering


GPPE is specialized in Starch and Sweeteners industry. Company aims improving existing operations and designing new the best in class plants. GPPE also assists in selecting and sourcing high quality cost effective equipments for each application thanks to its worldwide supplier network. With raw material prices increasing regularly, it is vital for manufacturers to keep their net raw material costs to a minimum. GPPE has solid and unique background to assist companies to decrease net raw material costs as well as operational costs. Many plants could make extra margins with very small modifications by yields improvement, quality improvement, debottlenecking and energy savings. In most cases it is possible to increase revenue by adapting best practices without any modifications to the existing infrastructure. Companies report consistently better yields and consumption figures after starting working with GPPE. Workforce training and development is an integral part of our job and we tailor our training curriculum based on customer needs and expectations. GPPE is known as one of the best engineering/consulting companies in starch and sweeteners industry improving overall operations. Long hands on field experience with proven design/installation/start up/optimisation/redesigning capabilities is the main deciding criteria for the clients work with us. We have 8 clients in 4 different continents and each quarter we increase number of clients. Our specialists have more than 30 years of field experience and our designs are based on the best in class set up which results possible highest yields and minimum consumptions. Start up is never problem with GPPE.


We support investors in project planning, feasibility reports, technology selection, equipment sourcing, Basic and Detailed Engineering, Installation, Supervision, Comissioning, Start Up, Optimization, Staff Training. We may serve as Consultant Company in new/ongoing projects in order to control Project design, Equipment selection etc for troublefree start up. Involving GPPE in projects decreases investment costs and maximize productivity.