GPPE is expert on getting maximum capacity at highest yield and highest quality from any equipment. GPPE has very long  hands on experience in industry and has many achievements in this area . GPPE has 2 case studies for debottlenecking. In one of facilities owned 100% by an Global Company, Corn Grind Capacity was increased by 50% without any major investment in 3 years period. In addition to higher production volume, company enjoyed saving from increased yields and improved quality.

Second Case Study, One of local Turkish Wet Milling and Sweetener Refinery Company prepared a budget for 50% Corn Grind extension. After site visit, GPPE suggested to make some minor modificatiions first and see the capacity of the plant. After detailed study and modifications made equipment by equipment enabled company to process 50% more corn with minor modifications. Yields were maximized and Quality was improved significantly. Company was became no1 syrup exporter company in Turkey and generated substantial savings.

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