Modified Starches

Starch Slurry modification reactions vary and typically these have same PFDs.

Starch  Slurry is transferred into Reaction tanks. In Reaction tanks pH, Temperature is controlled and adjusted automatically. Necessary reagents are added according to recipe after temperature and pH adjustment. During some reactions continuous cooling will be necessary as reaction is exothermic. Also pH adjusting chemicals will be added in some processes due to byproducts formation which changes pH.

Modified slurry is analysed and if result is in specification reaction is terminated by adjusting pH/temperature. Modified slurry is washed and dewatered. Filtrate from dewatering machine and overflow of washing section is combined and sent to concentration/clarification section. Starch cake is fed starch flash dryer to have 10-12.5 % moisture content. Then modified starch is transferred to starch silo(s) for bulk loading with Silobas and/or 25 kg bagging and palletizing line and/or 1000-1250 kg Bigbag filling lines.